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Great British Vape is proud to offer e-liquids manufactured in our Manchester, UK based production facility, with a newly-added Canadian-based distribution centre bringing product to North America. All Great British Vape Company e-liquids are Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) compliant. This legislation is designed to regulate and monitor the booming vape industry in Europe and will surpass all forthcoming Canadian legislation.

In terms of e-liquid, the most important aspects of the updated TPD pertain to quality control, both in terms of preparation and final inspections before the product reaches the market. Higher standards related to overall safety and quality of  e-liquids, have been implemented covering aspects of quality control from packaging to ingredients that can be used. Prohibited ingredients now include colouring, caffeine, and taurine.

TPD Compliant Automated Bottling Line

Canadian vapers stand to benefit from the type of products this legislation produces. Great British Vape Company Canada serves as the means by which Canadians can experience e-liquids developed with quality and safety at the forefront of the production process.

Knowing that Great British Vape Company e-liquids adhere to these strict mandates allows consumers to get a taste of a product with quality they may not be able to otherwise experience. Most importantly, consumers can know what they are vaping. Our e-liquids pair quality with safety, resulting in a vaping experience that is appealing to the senses, while giving the consumer a peace of mind in knowing they are purchasing a product that has quality at the forefront of the manufacturing process.